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The spindles are here and once Chris finishes in the utility major job he will resume in the kitchenlounge area and fit these to the stairs. Pretty splendid job he did on those too!
14 September

We have a date for Lapeyre to visit - 1st July, 2020. Meanwhile, we still have open house! The kitchen is largely done and I have pre-empted its completion and moved some of my things into it.
30 June

Tiles in the kitchen are nearing completion - further delayed by the doors that were made to measure yet seem to be mismatched doors and frame! The frame fits but thats about it.
24 June

Lots going on chez nous. Having finished the sandblasting in the bedroom - a bone of contention as we decided to do this having virtually finished decorating
22 June

Sad times and too many deaths. Little sign of it abating at the moment with a vaccine sadly too far in the future.
27 April

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